WHY ARE WE REVIEWING IT? Because its tagline it..

"Identify and engage with UK and Global Influencers "

OVERVIEW: Vuelio is a PR agency tool - pretending to be a bit of an Influencer search tool. Its main function is to help you find journalists and enable you to contact them - with a standard C.R.M (email) TOOL. Its being reviewed here as it has a Blogger search function so it just fits into the category of Influencer search tools.


FUNCTIONALITY: A great press search function, a very strong blogger search function - both independent and those attached to titles. It helps you search by the subject they write about - so very handy. However that is where it ends for Influencers. It only really has Influencers who it sees as legitimate "bloggers". 

CURATED LISTS: It finds these people by its staff searching for them - then adds them to a database, so its a curated list,

The Social Listening is OK, not something that would make you buy the tool and and of itself.

COST: V V expensive. They charge by tracking each of your clients - so every time"Coca Cola" is mentioned, for example, and they charge a lot per client so with 6 or so clients you can get up to 8k per month - kind of crazy.

VERDICT: So really its a PR tool, not an Influencer tool, or it helps you find one very small section of Influencers, those who blog like a journalist. It will only be used by PR agencies that execute traditional PR and big companies wanting to track the sentiment around their brand form social and press - and there are lots of those.