#anactofkindness ANA

All Nippn Airways Inspiring brand campaign.JPG

January 19th 2018

#acts of kindness is an advertising and social media campaign for ANA (All Nippon Airways) that brings to life real stories of incredible acts of kindness to tourists visiting Japan.

There is the story of the family man who lost his wallet with 14,000 yen in it, he reported it to the Police 2 hours later and it had already been handed in at another Police station - with all the cash inside.

There is a beautiful video (although a little long) of a young man and his wife who miss their bus in the middle of the country after getting in an argument and losing a wedding ring.  There is no one for miles but an off duty Taxi driver sitting in a cafe sees them and decides to drive them the three hours to the airport - for free. This video weaves in the relationship issues of the couple that are softened by this man's act of kindness.

Kudos to ANA for highlighting the best of the Japanese, and using it to make us all feel a little better about the world.

This gets 7 smiling emojis out of ten. It would have had 8 if the video had been say 6 minutes instead of 15 and 9 if they attached an Influencer campaign with bloggers highlighting #actsofkindness to their followers on YouTube etc - there could have a beautiful "pay it forward" movement built out of this that would have ran and ran and ran..


Dudley Nevill-Spencer