Your Brand wants to work with an Influencer with real purpose? Then check out rapper "Logic"

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January 30th 2018

The last six months have seen U.S Rapper Logic rise from being relatively unknown (outside of his strong,  niche U.S following), to becoming a publily known name, this was confirmed with his heartfelt performance at The Grammys this week. He's the guys who said "Your not a s**t hole!" at the end of his performance to close the Grammys. Check out the video link below.

Logic is representative of what I believe are the best kind of creator / Influencers to work with, someone with purpose and compassion behind what they do and who use their art to empower -and he has a story that truly inspires .  Truly successful brand and Influencer collaborations are those where the "Brand purpose" and that of the artist align, so if your a brand that's about empowerment - then take a look at Logic. 

I first discovered this 28 year rapper about 3 years ago, he is a talent that has eclipsed his multitude of disadvantages and through a mantra and life philosophy of positivity in the face of adversity "..taking every negative I get, like a friend being shot, and saying i'm going to focus on positivity, i'm not going to add any negativity to this world, i'm only going to add positivity". (NPR June 2016). His music talks about his issues, his Father being a drug addict, his Mothers prostitution, seeing members of his family beaten, his brothers making and selling drugs, but in all of it, it is filled to brimming with positivity. Its because of this - and his incredibly melodic and creative rap, that he has formed a strong fan base. In a marketing landscape where we are always banging on about authenticity, here it is - in droves. 

So what kind of platforms could you create? How about supporting and promoting suicide prevention - which is what his track —“1-800-273-8255” has been used for in the U.S, its a shout for survival that encourages listeners to believe in themselves. Or how about creating a platform for him to perform and engage with the issue of racism, he has one white and one black parent and has suffered racism of all kinds - this would be massive and compelling and you would be using your marketing dollars to do a world of good.

Or perhaps something safer, teaching kids master classes in performing and rapping - he credits his uncle as being the mentor who at 13 bought him CDs for him to rap over - maybe create a charity in honour of his uncle? That would be a great campaign for Red Bull or Relentless, again massive coverage, a legacy and a tribe of people being empowered by your brand through Logic.

But don't wait any longer, when I first posted about him and pitched him to brands over 2 years ago (with no results..) he had 150k followers, he's now passed 4 mill and in the last six months he's performed at the VMAs and of course this weeks Grammy performance - and he's not slowing down.

Dudley Nevill-Spencer



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