Grey Goose partnered with Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse to produce the world’s first gastronomic vodka. Brand Revolution’s task was to invite top tier influencers in the world of art, fashion, music & film to help celebrate this partnership.

Brand Revolution also maximised the “cool factor” of the evening by curating the entertainment for the reception and after-party.

The Product: Grey goose interpreted by ducasse

Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse is the world's first gastronomic vodka brought to life by Grey Goose Maitre de Chai, François Thibault and Michellin starred chef, Alain Ducasse. Designed to take consumers from dinner into the rest of the evening, the vodka has a unique and distinctive flavour.

The Chef & The Mastermind: 

Alain Ducasse is one of the most decorated chefs in the world with three top-rated restaurants, each awarded 3 Michelin stars, in Paris, London & Monaco. Impeccable cuisine and innovative dining concepts has earned him a reputation for phenomenal cuisine.

François Thibault is the Maitre de Chai at Grey Goose. Having trained at a very young age he received the honour in 1992. He is credited for creating the original recipe for Grey Goose, as well as their flavoured vodka. 

The Venue: Mona bismarck, 34 Vvenue de New York, Paris

The stunning Mona Bismarck, located in Paris, is known as the American culture centre for art and photography which showcases exhibitions in an elaborate 19th century town house.  

The Mona Bismarck was turned into Club Gastronomique by chef Ducasse, with guests treated to small plates which ranged from light to dark.  Alain hosted a private table and took guests through the menu while serving Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse between courses

The Guest List

Brand Revolution’s role was to secure top-tier influencers in the art, fashion, music and film industry. We secured top-tier names with global appeal to help celebrate the launch of Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse

The Dinner

Légèrement: Atlantic sea bass & gold caviar

Moyennement: Blue lobster, tender, smoked & crispy aubergine

Intensement: Foie gras, morels & green asparagus

The Performers:

Lianne La Havas

On the cusp on her second album and SNL performance with prince, Brand Revolution approached Lianne La Havas for this event because of her classic beauty and soulful songs which reflected the evening. 

Mr Hudson

Between producing Duran Duran’s latest album and a move to Los Angeles to produce with A-listers, such as Kanye West, Brand Revolution chose Mr. Hudson for his credibility and brand values which aligned with Grey Goose & Ducasse

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