Grey Goose partnered with the Soho House “Desert House” pop-up at Coachella. Brand Revolution's brief was to maximise the “cool factor” of the brunch and Grey Goose's role in it - by attaching influencers from the music industry to perform and attend….


The Venue: Soho house opened a popup in La Quinta, California 

The Partners: Soho House & Grey Goose teamed up to produce an A-list brunch

The Performers: Brand Revolution secured one of the key headliners of the Coachella Festival - Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian are one of Coachella's most lauded groups and securing them to perform increased the kudos of the event and allowed for other talent to want to attend

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian

The Performers – The Photoshoot:

Brand Revolution’s strong relationship with the band meant that they were happy to engage in a staged photoshoot, enabling the development of key assets and imagery that could be used globally to promote the event

Talent Secured by Brand Revolution: Global Super Group - Muse

Imagery secured by Brand Revolution:

Talent secured by Brand Revolution:

Social Media Overview:

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