The narrow view of Influencers is that they are on social media only. Although many of them are social media stars, we have always defined Influencers as those who have the ability to create behaviour change in others and a truly effective Influencer campaign needs to source them wherever they exist. In limited numbers they create trends, en-masse, they create movements. They exist at all levels of society, Global, Niche and Local.  Our "Influencer Audit" system has a proprietary codex and ecosystem that helps clients to define the role, scale and category of the Influencer they need and then seeks to source and engage them.

Influencers can be "Social Media Influencers", "Celebritiy Influencers", "Gatekeepers" to UHNW", "Trade influencers" and what we call "Local Heroes"  and we create integration programmes and content that utilise each type of influencer to maximise the effect on your customers, trade, category and bottom line.