In the twenty years I've worked as a marketing, innovation and culture specialist, I've had the privilege of working for some of the words most famous brands and their agencies. Without a doubt this is the most exciting time to be in marketing. The Tools and data we have at our hands to inform our campaigns and Insights are truly phenomenal,  and the culture and entertainment that brands can work with to create an emotional connection with their audiences is outstanding, but the speed with which brands can become obsolete and irrelevant is quickening daily, and the disruption has only just started.

It's my job to piece together this changing technological, cultural and business landscape, and craft a coherent marketing strategy that ensures your brand is at the cutting edge, combining science and art to create truly effective brand strategy.

My key skill sets are below, and I've worked on strategy for accounts as varied as Amazon, British Gas, CIROC, Diageo Reserve,  Formula-e, Hive, Honda, The European Union, Grey Goose, SWATCH and NIKE. +44(0)7900 241 557

Dudley Nevill-Spencer


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BRAND STRATEGY utilising MACHINE learning

Combining traditional marketing skills with a deep knowledge of Machine Learning and Narrow AI, allowing for the development of marketing strategy that outlines the business risks, and harnesses the opportunities of the 4th Industrial revolution.

Specialist at combing the “science” of data and the “art” of marketing, creating data informed brand strategy that finds and develops a deep emotional connection with your audience.

Expert in multiple MarTech tools and understanding data, its sources, algorithms and predicative models used to create effective future-proofed marketing strategy. Areas of focus include Machine Learning & its application to Insight, segmentation, content creation, channel strategy, innovation, experiential, retail, social, digital and paid social.

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Extensive experience utilising culture as a platform for integrating brands with customers - this will become a more dominant form of marketing than traditional advertising as traditional ad content is sidelined and blocked and channels to market become curated by AI and Voice.

Provision of culture and entertainment marketing strategies for Brands Including the development of narrow AI / Machine Learning informed "culture radars" that provide intel and opportunities within Sub cultures and nascent movements.

The creation of Brand passion platforms and a global, deep network of entertainment and talent relationships.



Thought leadership articles for Agencies and Comms professionals, specialising on the future of the industry, AI and the place where strategy, culture & tech meet - 4th industry marketing.

Creation of Master classes for brands on how to integrate ML into marketing strategies, measure and execute Social, Influencer and Data based marketing.

Chairing and speaking on guest panels about the future of the industry including The Festival of Marketing and opening The Influencer Marketing show 2018